POWERDALE (PWD) is pursuing the manufacturing and the development of innovative solutions (Hard- and Software) around energy management and electric mobility, including billing processes, integrating local solar generation into the charging process and intelligent management of the charging process. We manufacture charging stations and smart cables that communicate with an internet platform in order to present data to the end customers, and to pilot the infrastructure from a load management point of view. Powerdale has been active in this field since 2011.

Our other business lines deal with energy management where we apply a similar approach: hardware manufacturing (dataloggers and piloting systems) and platform development to present data to the end customers and manage the infrastructure and the flows of energy.

We are present in Belgium and Luxemburg and plan to expand to the Netherlands, Italy, and Denmark in a near future. PWD was incorporated in 2003. To be able to stay ahead in the fast growing and changing e-mobility environment Powerdale decided to invest substantially in research and development. That is why (in August 2018) Powerdale NV launched the Products Innovation and Systems Verification Unit, including a joint lab between Powerdale and VUB to support all innovation activities related to the development of new components / chargers, the testing of the devices as such and their integration in a larger system (e.g. power electronic converter(s) and chargers in the grid).

This project will allow us not only to build knowledge in the domain, but moreover to build and work with a real-life case to gain a competitive edge on intelligent energy management system. PWD will participate in developing an intelligent energy management system (Hardware and software) to precisely control the power flow between battery modules/packs, the EV charging systems and grid utility.

Website: www.powerdale.info
Country: Belgium