6. Dissemination, exploitation strategies, Valorisation

Lead partner: CEG

The main objectives of this WP are to:
• Valorisation & Evaluation of the different use cases.
• Strategies for efficiency and cost optimization & (Political) recommendations.
• Set-up and maintenance of adequate dissemination and external communication activities.
• Set-up and follow-up of adequate (preparative) exploitation activities.

1. Project website, including Project templates (reports, presentations, logo), database for Dissemination purposes [UNR – March 2021]
The project website will contain an overview of the project concept, goals and ambition, participating partners, news items, newsletters and the latest technical results and impact. It will have two parts: external for communication purposes and internal, as intranet repository for the partners. The report will also present the project identity: logo, templates for reports and presentations, posters and other communications products to generate an unique iSTORMY image.
2. Dissemination plan [UNR – May 2022]
This plan will give an assessment of the communication and dissemination activities highlighting the results achieved so far and give a plan on the activities to improve the dissemination of the project outcomes until the end of the project.
3. Preliminary Exploitation plan [CEG – Nov 2022]
Report with preliminary identification of possible results and their exploitation routes.
4. Updated Exploitation Plan [CEG – May 2024]
This report will include the final plan for the exploitation of the results obtained throughout the project, including the description of the proposed business model for the proposed solution.