Uniresearch B.V. (UNR) is a SME (founded in 1994) which is specialized in supplying project management and consultancy services in the field of national and European research projects and innovation activities. Uniresearch is and has been involved in many research projects, many of which in the greening of transport and sustainable energy sector. For example in the field of sustainable propulsion and the electrification of road transport, such as H2020 projects: LONGRUN, ECOCHAMPS, HDGAS, REWARD, PaREGEn and Battery related topics, such as: COFBAT, HIGREEW and SafeLiMove.

Next to this, Uniresearch is involved in the field of security (H2020: RESIN and FP7: PROMERC, ELASSTIC), in the maritime domain (H2020: Blue Nodules and FP7: Blue Mining), the rail sector (H2020: SMARTRAIL) and sustainable energy, solar cell and fuel cell developments (H2020: HPEM2GAS, NextBase, Fit-4-AMandA, FP7: Fasttrack, SuMMiT). More examples of EU research projects managed by Uniresearch can be found at www.uniresearch.com.

Role in the project
In the iSTORMY project, Uniresearch will tackle the administrative parts.

Uniresearch has a team of qualified consultants, bringing together a mix of technical, scientific and business administration backgrounds. Based on the management experience gained in over 150 collaborative R&D projects, the governance structures and tools has been developed, e.g. a web based project management and transparent communication tool that provides a central archive of all project related files, an online reporting function, up-to-date performance and progress overviews (both technical and financial), a shared webserver that enables the uploading/sorting of project files by all partners, a platform for (technical) discussions, and a public domain for dissemination purposes (window to the outside).

Second key activity of Uniresearch is in the dissemination of project results and facilitation of technology and marketing. Activities involve the design, setup and maintenance of the tools (project websites, project flyers and newsletters), the organization of workshops and (final) project events, creation and organization of exploitation strategy seminars.

Website: https://uniresearch.com/
Country: The Netherlands