iSTORMY Coffee break with Antione Laurin from CEA

Get to know Antoine LAURIN from CEA!

Antoine is a research engineer based in CEA – Grenoble (France).

He achieved his engineering degree in Signal Processing from the Grenoble Institute of Technology. He started his career in the field of Earth Sciences then joined CEA to work on software developments for Battery Management Systems.

What was your original motivation to become a researcher/project manager?
The Alternative and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) is one of France’s largest research institutions. One of its roles is to conduct scientific and technological research to support industry, especially in the energy domain, developing innovative and sustainable solutions to address the energy transition.
It is inspiring for me to be part of the effort to bring these solutions from concepts on paper to actual industrialized solutions. It is even better to do so within a constructive and collaborative European framework.

What is your (main) research area today?
I work in a department that focuses on new technologies for transportation and energy storage. Our research cover a wide range of topics, including batteries and fuel cells (from materials to systems), as well as energy conversion and modelling. I myself specialize in diagnostic, prognostic and control methods for Battery Management Systems and Fuel Cells Management Systems.

What is the main focus of your team in iSTORMY?
In the iSTORMY project, our team has the role of establishing performance and ageing models of the cells used in the project, as well as developing the State-of-Charge and State-of-Health estimation algorithm.

Could you describe your favourite moment/satisfaction when working for the project and – more in general – for your organisation?
The iSTORMY project has started during the COVID crisis. Thus, the general assemblies in Spain and in the Netherlands, where we could finally meet in person, felt like a relief. In the framework of a European collaboration, it is fruitful to meet and discuss with the partners, and to visit their facilities.

How do you expect iSTORMY results will affect your organisation and the energy storage sector?
The iSTORMY project has provided us the opportunity to gain maturity on the topics of modelling and estimation algorithms for stationary applications. This work has already open new developments in the scope of other institutional and industrial projects.

Which partner would you like to nominate next for this coffee break?
I would like to nominate GreenWay as the next partner for this coffee break.