iSTORMY’s participation in the H2020 Battery Projects Online Clustering Workshop

On 17 and 18 November 2021, the H2020 Battery Projects Online Clustering Workshop took place as an online event. The Workshop was established by CINEA (European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency) and multiple H2020 projects were invited. For the project iSTORMY, the coordinator VUB and partners MGEP, CEA and UNR participated in the event.

The battery clustering event organized by CINEA aimed to bring together projects developing batteries and battery systems, both in the energy and in the transport sector, including projects with different TRLs. A total of 35 projects have been presented during the event, and workshops on specific battery-related topics have taken place.

A 5-minute presentation of the iSTORMY project was made by the VUB during the first day, including the main project figures, objectives, innovations and results after running for 1 year. MGEP and CEA also participated to discussions on Battery Management Systems and Modelling and design (technology scale-up) during the workshops of the second day. This was the chance to discuss with more than 30 other H2020 battery-related projects on innovations and future research directions in the field.