MGEP’s participation in the Energy Storage Systems Technology Forum

Eneko Unamuno (Researcher and Lecturer of MGEP) participated in the Energy Storage Systems Technology Forum hosted by the Energy Cluster Association. The event took place at the installations of CIC EnergiGUNE in MiƱano, Vitoria (Spain) on the 16th of November of 2021.

This Technology Forum was oriented to the technologies developed in the field of stationary storage for the energy sector applied to specific segments such as power systems, electric mobility and behind-the-meter systems. In the current context of decarbonisation and energy transition, stationary energy storage will play a key role as an enabling technology to boost the massive integration of renewable energy-based generation in the energy mix. The high variability and complex management of these sources demands a higher level of flexibility in the system, which is achieved through the introduction of storage systems, which will generate interesting market opportunities in the different value chains.

During the event, Eneko Unamuno had the opportunity to explain some of the most relevant services that stationary energy storage systems can provide to improve the performance of power systems. In this context, the hybrid energy storage system being designed in the iSTORMY project was presented as one of the solutions that will potentially improve the operation of the power system thanks to the combination of different battery technologies.

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