iSTORMY Coffee break with Mário Paroha from GreenWay

Get to know Mário Paroha from GreenWay!

Mário is senior R&D engineer at GreenWay (GW) responsible for new technologies, R&D tasks and technical sales support.

Before GW, he worked at several universities and today his fields of interest are electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, energy storage and related new business models.


What was your original motivation to become a researcher/project manager?
Actually, I cover both, research and project management at GW. It is fascinating to first co-develop and test new technologies and in next moment to see them serving for our clients. The collaboration within an interdisciplinary team and having to manage available resources is also quite interesting.

What is your (main) research area today?
GW operates the largest electric vehicle (EV) charge point network in Central Europe. We strive for top availability, effectiveness and interoperability of it, each of which has its own challenges. My main research area is development and operation of Energy Management Systems (EMS) for dynamic load balancing of our chargers in the field.

What is the main focus of your team in iSTORMY?
Within the project, GW is mainly focusing on the economical assessment of the developed solution and its TCO analyses. Another area of interest is real-world testing of the developed EMS solution and its comparison to existing solutions on the market.

Could you describe your favourite moment/satisfaction when working for the project and – more in general – for your organisation?
The submission of iSTORMY deliverables (e.g. D2.4) is always the moment of satisfaction for me, as it contains lot of hard work and know-how of several partners. Another favourite moments are personal meetings with colleagues from iSTORMY partners.

How do you expect iSTORMY results will affect your organisation and the energy storage sector?
Energy flexibility is becoming an important commodity and GW is managing assets which have considerable levels  of such flexibility. With iSTORMY we are learning more about  energy storage and its economics, which will help us to better trade with flexibility in the future. With this we hope to secure our position as market leader in the CEE region.

Which partner would you like to nominate next for this coffee break?
I would like to nominate AIT as the next partner for this coffee break.