Cegasa Energía, S.L.U.

Cegasa Energía, S.L.U. (CEGASA), is the recent result of a split process of Cegasa Portable Energy, where the 2 businesses areas were concentrated (manganese dioxide, energy storage systems based on Air-zinc technology and Li-ion technology). As a result of this split, Cegasa Energía absorbs the production of energy storage systems businesses, while Cegasa Portable Energy continues with the manganese dioxide business.

In this sense, the history of Cegasa is directly linked to that of Cegasa Portable Energy. This started working on 28 January 2015 after acquiring several production units of CEGASA Group, a company that definitely disappeared in January 2016. The new company, CEGASA, was created with the challenge of becoming a global company with a high technological content. For this purpose and from the very beginning, it focused on two areas:

  • Production of manganese dioxide with a high level of purity, which allows its application in the manufacture of alkaline batteries
  • And the design and manufacture of energy storage systems based on two different technologies zinc-air and lithium-ion.

Furthermore, the area of energy storage systems has reinforced the productive capacity of zinc-air batteries that has made the company the first producer at European level and moreover it has implemented an automated production line of Lithium ion batteries which together with the technological capability, allows CEGASA to be a leading company in this technology in Spain and be at the forefront at European level.

Thanks to a big investment effort CEGASA has developed a range of energy storage systems based on lithium-ion technology that allows to have applications in:

  • Mobile systems for buses, vans, motorcycles, etc.
  • Stationary systems for residential, UPS, communication stations, industrial applications, etc.
  • Large-scale systems as part of smart grids and renewable energy plants.

To achieve these technological developments, CEGASA in addition to its own resources, usually collaborates with technology centres, universities and other companies.

As a result of the recent split process and related to the strategical plan for the coming years, CEGASA has recently moved from its previous ubication to a new location in the Technological park in Miñano (Alava). This new premises will allow to widen the productive capacity in Li-ion technology products and Zinc-Air technology. In addition, CEGASA is incorporating the latest production technology to the new installations, with the aim of increasing its competitive capacity and responding to the increase in demand received.

Role in the project
CEGASA will develop the energy storage modules, based on batteries of different chemistry (energy and power batteries).

Website: www.cegasa.com
Country: Spain