ZIGOR RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT (ZIG) has a highly qualified team leading the company to a main position in the Energy sector (power electronics, energy conversion and electrical energy storage), both at national and international level. It provides adapted and technologically advanced solutions for the energy conversion needs to the fields of renewable energies, telecommunications, industry, railway, energy, utilities and municipalities.

The company is actively involved in important projects focus on main strategic areas as renewable energies, rural electrification, smart grids, power quality and electrical energy storage.

ZIGOR RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT is leader in research and development of power electronics based on creativity and innovation to provide solutions in the energy, transmission and distribution, and industrial sectors. Our researches and designs are focused on customized solutions for conversion and power supply of electrical transformation lines and substations, backup solutions for electrical disturbances and grid energy quality improvement, as well as bidirectional converters for storage systems.

Three main research’s areas:

  • Renewable Energy,
  • Energy Storage and,
  • Smart grid

All of them joined by Power Electronics horizontal research line and focus on Energy Distribution application.

Relevant products, services, innovations and publications:

  1. Patents: 7 (1 European patents and 6 National patents)
  2. Relevant products: Storage management systems, Solar inverters, Chargers-rectifier, Power Quality and Back-Up converters, etc.
  3. Services: Research and custom developments.

Role in the project
ZIGOR will research, design, prototype and test a new modular Power Electronics architecture based on DC/DC and DC/AC converters with cost reduction, high reliability and high efficiency; including the Hardware, its low-level controller, the communication interface between low-level controller and Self-Healing EMS for Use Case 1 (Interconnected pan-European grid) application, with collaboration on Self-Healing EMS research.

Website: www.zigor.com
Country: Spain