4. Universal self-healing energy management strategy

Lead partner: MGEP

The main purpose of this work package is the development of optimal energy management strategies to take advantage of the diverse characteristics of HESS in terms of power and energy to provide the services requested by the operator in each use case scenario. The specific objectives of this WP are:
• To develop an EMS algorithm that optimally allocates the power required by the grid operator in the HESS modules;
• To develop a system-level modelling methodology for the design and analytical/simulation verification of the developed EMS for the targeted use cases;
• To design and implement data-driven control algorithms to develop a self-healing EMS that improves the reliability and lifetime of HESS by considering the failure mechanisms of the energy and power electronic modules;
• To assess the upscaling of the system to extra use cases.

1. Report on high-level EMS algorithm development [MGEP – March 2022]
This report will detail the standard high-level EMS algorithm for the hybrid storage system, considering the power allocation between the battery and power electronics modules.
2. Report on power system level simulation models and standard EMS [MGEP – March 2023]
This report will include a description of the developed power system level simulation models and the structure of the proposed standard EMS. The report will also include the validation of the EMS in the developed simulation scenarios.
3. Report on the integration of data-driven algorithms for online energy management [VUB – March 2023]
This report will describe how the data-driven algorithms based on the data from the ESS and the PE interfaces is integrated in the standard EMS to update the energy management.
4. Report on the implementation, testing and prototyping of universal EMS [PWD – March 2023]
This report will detail the implementation of the proposed EMS in the hardware platform and the results from the laboratory testing and validation.
5. Report on upscaling assessment of the HESS to extra use case applications [AIT – Sept 2023]
This report will cover the upscaling of the developed EMS solution to extra use case applications, including the assessment carried out to provide additional services to the grid.