5. Technology Integration, demonstration, evaluation

Lead partner: EDF

The main objectives of this WP are to:
• Build up the hybrid BESS from the components developed in Results 2, 3 and 4 (hybrid battery packs, PE interface, EMS)
• Integrate the hybrid BESS solution into the EDF Concept Grid platform
• Implement the hybrid BESS solution on two configurations, covering three use cases
• Evaluate the use cases in terms of cost of the system and environmental sustainability

1. Full HBESS with casing and integration [PWD – Apr 2023]
This report will detail of building up the hybrid BESS including all necessary installation safety measures, switches and other peripheral components.
2. Report on system integration into EDF Concept grid [EDF – June 2023]
Detailed report listing the main functionalities tested during the commissioning (communication integration, electrical connection, safety procedures, etc).
3. Official test report including KPI and data for all the use cases carried out [EDF – March 2024]
Detailed report explaining the procedure for the use cases, hypothesis justification, test configuration, data for all the use-cases, technical KPI and results analysis.
4. Report on total cost of ownership analysis for the use cases [GW – May 2024]
Analyses of total cost of ownership of Hybrid Storage Systems developed within the project deployed in two targeted use-cases.
5. Report on Life Cycle Assessment of the use cases [MGEP – May 2024]
This report will include the Life Cycle Assessment of the use cases covered in the project, including the identified hotspots for improvement through eco-design to ensure improved resource efficiency and environmental performance.