Milestone 1 (achieved) : Requirements and Specifications for Use cases defined

Result from partner PT.

The result has been achieved on 30 June 2021 in month 7 of the project (results documented in report 1 of the planned result: Hybrid Storage Systems and Use-cases: Specifications and requirements).

The objective of milestone MS1 is the finalisation of the Requirements and Specifications for use cases for the iSTORMY project. The milestone was achieved with submission of report 1.1 (confidential: public summary available). Report 1.1 provides the detailed technical specifications for the Hybrid Battery Energy Storage System (HBESS) prototype based on the desired performance for on-grid operation. Using the top-down design approach, requirements specified in this report will be used to identify a specific design for all the related sub-systems of the HBESS. In particular, the results outlined in this report are intended to be used as the reference specification for the prototyping process tackled in the Work Packages 2, 3 and 4 for the different subsystems.

Technical specifications outlined in report 1.1 need to ensure that the overall design complies with the local and the European standards. In practice, we will use the standards for the on-site installation in France. Therefore, all the requirements for the prototype regarding electrical interface, communication protocol and safety features should be aligned with the standards already in place at the EDF’s testing facility.

For the demonstration purpose, several use-cases will be specified in order to test the prototype on a real electrical grid. The selection of the proper system specifications is also based on the use-case scenarios detailed report 1.1.