ZIGOR’s participation in the Power Electronics Technology Forum

Carlos Martinez de Guereñu (R&D manager) and Alvaro Diaz de Guereñu (R&D project manager and researcher) of partner ZIGOR participated in the Power Electronics Technology Forum, which was hosted by the Energy Cluster Association. The event took place online as well as in the Orona Ideo Assembly Hall, Hernani (Spain) on 30 June 2021.

Power Electronics Technology Forum is dedicated to the technologies developed in the field of power electronics with application to two specific sectors: electric mobility and photovoltaic solar energy. In the current context of decarbonisation and energy transition, power electronics will play a fundamental role as an enabling technology to promote renewable generation and the efficient use of electricity. The progressive deployment of electric mobility and photovoltaics will generate interesting market opportunities for those companies that position themselves in the energy value chains with a competitive offer of solutions based on power electronics.

During the event, approximately 25 people have presented and 70 people attended the meeting online via Zoom.

Partner ZIGOR attended the event, as it is considered a very interesting forum in which ZIGOR was able to show the organization’s research capabilities, interest areas, and multiple projects ZIGOR is researching in. Moreover, the event provides a perfect opportunity to network with main Power Electronics actors at national level.

For iSTORMY, ZIGOR has disseminated the project via an oral presentation (in Spanish) by Alvaro Diaz de Guereñu (R&D project manager and researcher). The partner also disseminated for the project ISLANDER. Additionally, MU was also present in the event: PhD. Iosu Aizpuru (speaker) and PhD. Javier Poza.