3. Modular Power Electronics interfaces

Lead partner: VUB

The main objectives of this WP are to:
• Optimize the modular design of the hybrid BESS for lower cost and longer lifetime;
• Model the PE interface to optimize the control system, predictivity and efficiency up to 98 %;
• Develop a Digital Twin to closely replicate the behaviour of the PE interfaces;
• Improve the lifetime of the PE with a physics-based failure mechanism allowing upper limits operation;
• Reduce the cost of the PE interface up to 25 %;
• Prototype and test the PE interface at component level.

1. Report on the design optimization framework of the power electronics interfaces [VUB – Nov 2021]
Co-design optimization framework to design the system hybridization with modular power electronics configuration.
2. Report on the high-fidelity modelling of the PE interface incl. Digital Twin
[MGEP – Nov 2022]
This report will include a detailed description of the multi-physical digital twin model of the electronic power converters employed to connect the hybrid ESS to the grid. The report will be comprised of the defined modelling interfaces, the digital twin and the proposed adaptive low-level control strategies for the converters.
3. Power electronics interface prototype [PT – Jan 2023]
New power electronics interface prototyped and ready to be integrated in the demonstrator.
4. Report on performance and testing of the PE prototype
[ZIG – Jan 2023]
A report describing the different working modes and performance of the Power Electronic converters, including the complete set of the tests done for their validation
5. Physics-based failure mechanism and function safety of the PE modules
[VUB – Jan 2023]
A reliability prediction model to measure the lifetime, failure mechanism and design robustness of the optimized modular topology.