7. Project management and technical coordination

Lead partner: VUB

The objective of this WP is to ensure the project is conducted on time, according to the budget and directed towards the overall project objectives. This includes technical project coordination, management of financial aspects (especially the project funding), legal aspects and IPR handling. Main aspects are:
• Coordination of the technical activities of the project and linking together all project components;
• The overall legal, contractual, ethical, financial and administrative management;
• Maintaining communication with the European Commission and each partner;
• Establishing and maintaining conflict resolution and management of strategic orientation of the project;
• Quality assurance and risk management

1. Detailed Project Management Plan [UNR – Feb 2021]
The report will include the project Gantt chart and a Work BreakdownStructure (WBS), including a schedule per task, responsible partner-related subtasks, related deliverables, and dependencies on other tasks.
2. Initial Quality Assurance and Risk Management Plan [UNR – May 2021]
A report including the list of expected risks (as foreseen at the beginning on the project) and all information on how to deal with the unforeseen risks, possible mitigation actions. The report will also contain guidelines and how to maintain the quality assurance.
3. Data Management Plan [VUB – May 2021]
A report describing the data management lifecycle for all datasets which are collected, processed or generated within the project.
4. Update detailed Project Management Plan [UNR – May 2022]
Update of the Detailed Project Management Plan (as described in Report 1).
5. Final Quality Assurance and Risk Management Plan [VUB – May 2024]
A final overview of the encountered risks and all information on the applied mitigation actions. The report will also contain an update on the quality assurance procedures.