Milestone 2 (achieved) : Testing protocols and KPIs ready

Result from partner PT.

The result has been achieved on 30 June 2021 in month 7 of the project (results documented in report 2 and 3 of the planned result: Hybrid Storage Systems and Use-cases: Specifications and requirements).

The objective of milestone 2 is the finalisation of the testing protocols and the definition of the KPIs. The milestone was achieved with submission of report 1.2 (confidential: public summary available) and report 1.3. Report 1.2 provides the overview of the key performance indicator (KPI) for all HESS components. Report 1.3 provides the overview of the testing protocols of the Hybrid Battery Energy Storage System (HBESS) prototype.

The KPIs were defined for the battery module and modular stack, modular power electronics and the universal EMS. These KPIs will help to evaluate the outcomes of the project, including initial analysis, simulations and final measurements on the demonstrators. All consortium partners were involved to come to a divers and useful set of KPIs. The KPI’s include key metrics such as cost, performance and environmental impact.

The test protocols were defined for each component. This included the test definition to meet the requirements of the different use cases, to be compatible with each other and to ensure safe operation in within the targeted operating window. Safety was a crucial aspect of the testing protocols. These testing protocols were defined for:

  • The demonstrator system, including grid requirements, protections and safety, test sources and test loads.
  • The power electronics interface, which will be first tested in a regular lab environment before being integrated in the demonstrator.
  • The self-healing EMS platform, also considering the communication with other subsystems.
  • The battery pack system which will be developed in Work Package 2.