Milestone 3 (achieved) : Battery pack and PE interface architecture defined

Result from coordinator VUB.

The result has been achieved on 30 November 2021 in month 12 of the project (results documented in Work Package 3: Modular Power Electronics interfaces).

The iSTORMY project aims at developing an interoperable and modular Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS) by demonstrating various use cases and seamlessly interfacing the grid to provide multiple services. To achieve Milestone 3, a fast co-design optimization and sizing framework for the modular hybrid HESS was developed based on the system simulation to find the optimal sizing of HESS components in terms of longer lifetime, higher efficiency, and lower cost. The system simulation was based on low- to medium-fidelity models of the battery modules and the power electronics (PE) interfaces, based on the specifications defined in Work Package 1 and the modelling from Work Package 2 and Work Package 3. Also, a first iteration of the Energy Management Strategy (EMS) has been developed in parallel with Work Package 4 to ensure the co-design of the system. Different cell technologies and PE interfaces have been considered in terms of high power and high energy battery pack to build the HESS and meet the load profile requirements. Based on a multi-objective genetic algorithm optimization, the optimal solutions have been obtained and compared in terms of system cost over 10 years lifetime, system efficiency, battery lifetime, and PE interface lifetime. Finally, the iSTORMY solution was selected with the description of the battery packs (chemistry, capacity, first- or second-life batteries) and PE interface architecture, topology, and size. Report 3.1 is the mean of achievement for this Milestone.