GreenWay Infrastructure, s.r.o

GreenWay Infrastructure, s.r.o (GW) is the leading e-mobility company in central and eastern Europe. It acts as the charging point operator (CPO) and the e-mobility provider (EMP) on the Polish and Slovak market. GW operates and constantly improves a comprehensive network of electric vehicle charging stations and battery assisted charging systems. Besides, the company has a valuable experience in the field of energy sector projects; development of own ICT solutions focused on user needs; and cooperation with investors and EU financial institutions.

Role in the project
GW will bring the real-life experiences to the project. There are 13 energy storage systems deployed in the company’s EV charging network, with both 1st and 2nd life batteries of different chemistries. This will help to define system requirements with clear business-oriented approach [Result 1]. GW will focus on economic site of developed solution and provide with economic analyses and TCO calculations [Result 2, Result 5]. Universality energy management system (EMS) developed within iSTORMY will be tested in one of GW’s commercially operational battery assisted charging stations [Result 4], where it should show at least the same functionality as currently deployed EMS. GW is potential end-user of developed solution and thus will participate in preparation of valorisation and exploitation strategy [Result 6].

Country: Slovakia